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I subscribed to What Ed Said blog. His blog has helpful ideas for the currant trend where the students are becoming more responsible for their learning and the teacher is the facilitator.

This blog entry,  Concept driven learning  describes a lesson that is concept driven. The topic is energy. The teacher begins by showing the students a video about the effects of an electricity blackout. At first the students are focused on only the incident. The students were asked to think about the “Big Idea”. Then the students were able to come up with questions about electricity and alternative power sources. They wrote their questions on sticky notes and sorted them. In groups the students worked through the questions. Other than the teacher showing a video and asking thenstudentd to think about the “Big Idea” there was no teaching going on, but there was learning.


  • Students have risen above the facts and are thinking on a conceptual level.
  • They are making connections with prior knowledge and constructing meaning for themselves.
  • They are asking and answering questions, organizing ideas and justifying their thinking.
  • The so-called ’21st century skills’ of creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration are all evident.
  • A host of other trans-disciplinary skills are being practised.
  • Curiosity has been sparked and there is excitement about taking the learning further




One thought on “Thing 5

  1. Having students think and work together to construct their own learning is so important. It is particularly important for our population because I found they have a hard time thinking. They have been given answers for so long that they don’t want to think. It is up to us as educators to challenge them and push them to think and construct that knowledge.

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